Why is the taskbar not visible in Windows 10?
The taskbar may not be visible in Windows 10 for a few reasons: 1. It may be set to auto-hide. Right-click on the taskbar and make sure "Lock the taskbar" and "Auto-hide the taskbar" are both unchecked. 2. The computer may be using Tablet Mode. To check this, click the notification icon in the bottom-right corner of the taskbar, and make sure Tablet Mode is off. 3. The taskbar may be positioned off-screen. Try using the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the taskbar back into view. 4. It may be disabled by group policy. If you are in a corporate environment, contact your system administrator. 5. The taskbar process (explorer.exe) may be stopped. Try running explorer.exe from the Task Manager to restart the process. 6. You may be experiencing a hardware/graphics driver issue. Try updating your graphics driver to the latest version.
How to free up disk space Windows 10 hp?
1. Delete temporary files: Press the Windows key + R, type %temp% and press Enter to open the Temp folder. Delete all the files and folders inside the Temp folder. 2. Delete the software you no longer use: Press the Windows key, type Control Panel and click the result. Click Uninstall a program, select the programs you no longer need, and click Uninstall. 3. Use Storage Sense to delete temporary files automatically: Open Settings and select System. Select Storage and enable the Storage Sense feature. Select Temporary files, check the boxes for the file types you want to delete, and hit the Clean now button to delete them. 4. Clean up the hard drive: Open File Explorer and select This PC. Right-click the hard drive, select Properties, and select Disk Cleanup. Select the types of files you want to delete, and hit the OK button. 5. Uninstall bloatware: Press the Windows key, type uninstall, right-click the Uninstall a program result, and select Run as administrator. Look for programs you don’t need and uninstall them. 6. Disable hibernation: Press the Windows key + R, type powercfg.cpl and click OK. Select Change settings that are currently unavailable, uncheck the Enable hibernation box, and click Save Changes.
What is the easiest way to format a drive on Windows 10?
The easiest way to format a drive on Windows 10 is to type “format drive” in the Windows search bar and select the “Create and Format Hard Disk Partitions” option. From there, you will be presented with an interface where you can select the necessary parameters and format the drive.
How do I access my hard drive in Windows 10?
1. Open This PC. 2. In the left navigation pane, select the hard drive. 3. All the files and folders on the drive will be displayed in the main window.
How to manage disk space with Windows 10 storage menu?
1. Open the Storage menu in Windows 10. The Storage menu is located under Settings > System > Storage. It gives you an overview of the disk space usage on your device. 2. Inspect the visuals. The Storage menu provides visuals that indicate which types of files are using up the most disk space. This makes it easy to analyze what is consuming the most space. 3. Select a category. You can select a category and view further details about which files and folders inside it are taking up the most disk space. This makes it easy to identify large files and folders that are eating up a lot of disk space. 4. Free up space. When you’ve identified large files or folders you can delete them by right-clicking and selecting “Delete”. You can also select items and move them to a less full drive or even cloud storage. 5. Consider storage optimization. Windows 10 offers storage optimization tools in the Storage menu. You can enable Storage Sense which regularly runs and deletes temporary files and empty folders. You can also use the “Archive Mails Older Than” feature which archives old emails in the Mail app, saving disk space.
Can I Test my Windows app on Windows 10 in s mode?
Yes, you can test your Windows app on Windows 10 in s mode. Microsoft provides several tools to help you build and test your app on Windows 10 in s mode, including the Windows Application Certification Kit and the Windows Store Debugging Tools.
How do I set the taskbar to always show in Windows 10?
1. Right-click an empty area of the desktop and select “Taskbar Settings” from the contextual menu. 2. Click the dropdown menu next to “Taskbar”, and then select the “Always show” option. 3. When finished, click “Apply”, and then “Ok” to save your changes.
How to solve Windows 10 no Internet secured WiFi error?
1. Check if the device is connected -Open the Windows Settings by pressing the Windows Key + I to bring up the Settings page. -Go to the Network & Internet page. -On the left side, select Ethernet if you are using a wired connection or Wi-Fi if you’re on a wireless network. -Check if your device is connected to the right network. 2. Check your router or modem is functioning -Make sure your router or modem is connected to the internet -Check if your Wi-Fi signal is working correctly -Restart the router and see if this solves the issue 3. Reset the network adapter -Press the Windows Key + X and select Device Manager on the list -Find the network adapter that is having the issue and right click on it -Select Update Driver Software -Select Search automatically for drivers -If this does not work, select Uninstall the drivers for this device -Restart the computer and the system will reinstall the drivers 4. Clean up junk files -Open the Start menu and type “Disk Cleanup” -Select the hard drive where Windows is installed, usually the C: drive -Check all the items on the list and click OK to remove all the junk files from your system 5. Reset your Winsock Catalog -Open Command Prompt as administrator -Type in the following command: netsh winsock reset -Restart the computer and check if the issue is resolved
How to disable 'safely remove hardware' feature on Windows 10?
1. Open the Control Panel by pressing the Windows key + X and clicking Control Panel. 2. Click on Hardware and Sound. 3. Click on the Devices and Printers link in the right panel. 4. Right-click on each device and choose Disable. 5. Repeat the steps 4-5 for any other connected devices. 6. Finally, click OK and reboot your system for the changes to take effect.
How to enable HDMI Audio Windows 10?
1. Right-click the sound icon in your taskbar and select Playback Devices from the list. 2. Select the HDMI audio device. 3. Click Set Default. 4. Exit the Playback Devices menu and either restart your computer or right-click the sound icon and select Volume Mixer to change the volume of the HDMI audio device.


Can I write UWP console apps on Windows 10?
No, you cannot write UWP console apps on Windows 10. UWP applications are designed for Windows Store, so they will not run in a console environment.
How to view a slideshow on Windows 10?
1. Open Photos. Select the album with the images you wish to view as a slideshow. 2. Select the Play icon at the top of the Photos window. 3. The slideshow will begin immediately, playing through each photo in the album. 4. You can adjust the speed of the slideshow by clicking the Settings cog in the bottom-left corner of the window. 5. You can also add a soundtrack to the slideshow by clicking the Music icon near the top of Photos window. 6. When you’re finished viewing the slideshow, click the Stop button.
How to make BlueStacks run faster in Windows 10?
1. Update your graphics driver. Make sure the latest graphics driver is installed on your computer, as it can significantly improve Bluestacks performance. 2. Tweak Bluestacks settings. In Bluestacks setup window, go to Advanced tab, and uncheck the checkboxes that allow Bluestacks to explore the internet and access application data. 3. Install and run Bluestacks on your SSD. Move Bluestacks installation directory to an SSD, as it can drastically increase read and write speeds, which can improve Bluestacks performance. 4. Disable unnecessary applications. Make sure you disable all the unnecessary applications and programs, as the fewer applications you run, the more resources your PC will have to offer Bluestacks. 5. Allocate sufficient RAM. Allocate more than 4 GB of RAM to Bluestacks, to ensure that it runs faster. 6. Utilize Power Settings. To ensure optimal Bluestacks performance, always run Bluestacks on Balanced or High Performance power settings. 7. Close other applications. Close all applications when running Bluestacks, as it will allow more system resources to be allocated to Bluestacks.
How to manage credentials in Windows 10?
1. Use an Automated Password Manager A password manager is an automated program that stores and encrypts user passwords so they can easily be accessed and used without having to remember them manually. 2. Use a Unique Password for Each Account A unique password should be used for each and every account in Windows 10. Using the same password for multiple accounts makes them vulnerable to hacks. 3. Use Two-Factor Authentication Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to your accounts by requiring a second form of authentication, usually via a mobile app or a text message, prior to allowing access to your account. 4. Use Longer and Complex Passwords Using longer and complex passwords is the best way to protect your accounts from attacks. Long and complex passwords are harder to guess and harder to brute-force. 5. Regularly Change Your Passwords It’s a good idea to regularly change your passwords in order to ensure maximum safety. This will help to prevent against any attempts to guess or brute-force your passwords.
How do I delete a Registry item in Windows 10?
1. Press “Windows + R” to open the Run box. 2. Type in “regedit” and press Enter key. 3. Go to the Registry key that contains the item you want to delete. 4. Right-click on the item and select "Delete" from the drop-down menu. 5. Click "Yes" to confirm the deletion. 6. Close the Registry Editor when you finish.
What happens when a Windows 10 update expires?
When a Windows 10 update expires, users will no longer be able to install the update, and may experience issues with their machine that they would not have had if the update had been applied. The most common issue is the system becoming increasingly unstable, as the previous patch won’t have addressed any new security issues. Microsoft will also not provide technical support for an expired update.