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How do you freeze a section in Excel?
To freeze a section in Excel, you can use the freeze panes feature. To do this, you should select the cell to the right of the columns you want to freeze and the cell below the rows you want to freeze, then go to the View tab and select Freeze Panes.
How do I change the default save location in Excel?
To change the default save location in Excel, click File > Options > Save and make the desired changes.
How to find unique values in a column in Excel?
The easiest way to find unique values in a column in Excel is to use the built-in “Remove Duplicates” feature. To do this, highlight the column you wish to check, then go to the Data tab and click on “Remove Duplicates”. This will remove any duplicate values and leave only the unique values in the column.
How to highlight precedent or dependent cells in Excel?
1. To highlight precedent cells, select the the cell to which they are linked and then press “Ctrl+[“. This will highlight all the precedent cells related to the selected cell. 2. To highlight dependent cells, select the the cell with the formula and then press “Ctrl+]”. This will highlight all the dependent cells linked to that formula.
What is the maximum zoom level in Excel?
The maximum zoom level in Excel is 400%.
How do you insert a row and delete a column in Excel?
To insert a row in Excel, select the cell directly above where you want the new row to be. Then right-click the cell and select Insert. To delete a column in Excel, right-click the column heading and select Delete.
How to use date calendar in Excel?
1. Open your Excel workbook and select an empty cell to insert your calendar. 2. Go to the Insert tab and select Date picker from the Form Controls section. 3. Click and drag the inserted date picker to the desired location in your worksheet. 4. Select the cell next to the calendar and enter a year. 5. In the Date Picker dialogue box, click the Date Format dropdown menu and select the desired format. 6. Click OK to save the changes. The calendar will now be displayed in the desired format. 7. To select a date from the calendar, just click the desired date in the calendar. The date will be automatically inserted into the selected cell.
Why is my Excel workbook not opening?
The most likely reason your Excel workbook is not opening is because it is either corrupted or opened by a different version of Excel. You can try repairing the file by going to File > Info and clicking the "Repair" button, or saving the file as an earlier version of Excel. Other possible causes could be that your computer does not have sufficient resources to open the file, or it is password protected.
How to import data from PDF to Microsoft Excel?
1. Open Microsoft Excel with a blank spreadsheet, then go to "File" > "Open" and select the PDF document you want to import data from. 2. Once the document is open, you will see a prompt message asking you to select which information from the PDF you wish to import into the spreadsheet. 3. Select the data you need by ticking off the relevances boxes and then click "OK". 4. Excel will now import the data into the spreadsheet and you can manipulate it accordingly. 5. If the data does not appear as you would like it in the spreadsheet, you can use the ‘Text to Columns’ feature which is located in the ‘Data’ tab. Here you can adjust the settings so that the data appears in the desired format. 6. Finally, save the document and close it. Your data has now been successfully imported into Excel.
How do you get years from date in Excel?
You can use the YEAR function to get the year of a date in Excel. To use the YEAR function, type "=YEAR(date)" into a cell and replace "date" with the cell containing the date, or directly type in the date in the parentheses. This will give you the year for a specific date.


How many stores will Macy's shut down?
Macy's has not yet released specifics on how many stores will be affected by its closures. The company has stated that as part of its restructuring plan, it plans to "close 125 stores over the next three years, using a mix of strategies including safety, efficiency and business performance."
When should I Complete my PreCheck-in for my appointment?
It is recommended to complete your pre-check-in 24 hours prior to your appointment. This ensures that you are able to fill out your patient history form and view any forms you may need to bring for your visit in advance.
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1. Samsung 2. LG 3. Bosch 4. Electrolux 5. GE Appliances 6. Whirlpool 7. KitchenAid 8. Maytag 9. Frigidaire 10. Miele
How much does geolocation Places API cost?
The cost of using the Google Maps Geolocation API varies by usage, but is generally free for most customers who fall under the free usage tier of the API. For customers who exceed the free usage tier, pricing can range from $4-$16 per 1,000 API calls.
Is there a proper way to do game art?
There is no single, proper way to do game art; however, some general guidelines should be considered when embarking on game art creation. These include having a good understanding of the game environment and goal, employing skills like storyboarding, character design, and animation, having a good understanding of the available software and hardware requirements, and having an eye for detail and design. Additionally, some artists also use concept art sketches to help develop ideas and select colors and themes. Ultimately, each artist must find the method that works best for them in order to create art that suits the game's aesthetic and design.
How do I lock my WhatsApp account on my phone?
The best way to lock your WhatsApp account on your phone is to use a third-party app, such as Lock WhatsApp, which allows you to protect your WhatsApp account with a PIN, pattern or fingerprint authentication.