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How to sum top n values in Excel?
1. Select the range of values you want to sum. 2. Click the Sort button on the Data tab. 3. Select the Top 10 option. 4. Click OK. 5. Use the AutoSum button to add the top 10 numbers. 6. Select the range of numbers that you want to sum, and then click AutoSum. 7. Click Enter to total the top 10 numbers.
What are the benefits of using notes in Excel?
1. Notes will help you keep organized by allowing you to quickly reference the specifics of a cell and the associated calculations. 2. You can add notes to any cell, so it’s easy to use when you’re trying to recall information or have to remember something for later. 3. Notes allow you to provide specific instructions for yourself or other users. 4. Notes can help to explain how a complicated formula works, or provide insight and reference information as to why particular data was chosen. 5. Notes allow you to add specific instructions to a document, and help keep your workbook free of clutter that could distract other users.
What to do if Excel shows a blank Doc?
If Excel shows a blank document, there are a few things that can be done to try and identify the cause of the issue. 1. Try opening the document in a different program. If it still appears blank, then the issue may be within the file itself. 2. Close Excel and re-open it. Sometimes, Excel can become unresponsive, so restarting the program may resolve the issue. 3. Check the formatting of the Excel file. If the file is formatted incorrectly, it might appear blank. Try changing the the formatting of the cells. 4. Check the data within the file. If all of the data has been hidden, it will appear as a blank file. Try unhiding any hidden columns or rows. 5. Make sure the file is not corrupt. Sometimes files can become corrupt or damaged. If this is the case, then you may need to export the data to a new workbook and then close the original file.
What is an Operational Excellence program?
Operational excellence is an organizational philosophy, framework, and set of practices that focus on continually improving processes, products, and services, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and profitability. Operational excellence programs focus on creating a culture of excellence, streamlining processes and procedures, providing training and development opportunities, and increasing customer service and reliability.
How to check compatibility when saving a workbook in Excel?
1. Check the “Save As” menu in Excel and make sure that you are saving the file in a compatible format. Different versions of Excel can open different types of files, so the format you are using must be compatible with whichever version of Excel you are using. 2. Choose the “Tools” menu in the “Save As” window and select “General Options”. This will open a window with a list of compatibility options that you can select. These options allow you to make sure that the file will be compatible with other versions of Excel. 3. Select the version of Excel that you would like to be compatible with. This can either be the same version as the one you are currently using, or an earlier version that you know you need to be compatible with. This will determine how the data will be saved in the worksheet. 4. Click the “OK” button to save the file. You will now be able to open the file in the version of Excel you have selected, ensuring that it is compatible.
Is it safe to run macros in Excel 2003?
It is generally recommended that you do not run any macros in Excel 2003, as macros can contain malicious code. Additionally, Microsoft no longer supports Excel 2003, so there is no security patching for any vulnerabilities that may arise. For your own safety, you should always back up your data and use the latest version of Excel if possible.
How to export emails as separate Excel files?
1. Launch the Outlook app on your Windows computer. 2. Select the folder that stores the emails you wish to export as separate Excel files. 3. Select the emails you wish to export. 4. Right-click one of the selected emails and click “Forward” in the context menu. 5. In the pop-up window that appears, click on “More options”. 6. Change the file type to Excel (.xlsx). 7. In the “Add recipients” field, type in your own email address and click “Send”. 8. Log into your email account and download all the forwarded emails as separate Excel files.
How do I export a table from access to excel?
1. Open your Microsoft Access database and the table you need to export. 2. Select the “External Data” tab. 3. Click “Export”. 4. Select “Excel” from the “Export Data” dialog box. 5. Select the “Save as” option and name your file. 6. Select the “Properties” button and select the sheet options you need. 7. Select the “Export” button and Excel will open with the exported table.
How to name a range in Excel?
To name a range in Excel, select the range of cells you want to name, then press CTRL+F3. Enter the range name in the “Name” field then press Enter. The range will now be named.
How to add cells in Excel?
1. Select the cell that you want to add to. 2. Right click on the cell and select "Insert" from the dropdown menu. 3. Select where you would like to insert the cell (right, left, up or down). 4. The empty cell will be added to its location.


Is the cloud the future of sustainability?
It is not certain if the cloud will be the future of sustainability. While the cloud has had a positive impact on sustainability in recent years through reducing the need for physical infrastructure and allowing better monitoring of energy and resource consumption, IT-related emissions are still a significant portion of overall global emissions. Cloud computing itself may not solve all sustainability issues, but it can certainly be a tool in helping businesses and organizations to reduce their environmental impact.
What are Okta authorization servers?
Okta authorization servers are a type of identity-as-a-service platform. These servers offer a secure and scalable identity framework that allows organizations to easily manage identity and access management across their enterprise. With Okta authorization servers, organizations can create and manage user profiles, add roles, and apply access policies to control access to their applications. Okta's authorization servers are compliant with popular standards such as OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, and SCIM, allowing for secure and single sign-on (SSO) access to all of an organization's applications.
How many people can I Share my Microsoft 365 subscription with?
You can share your Microsoft 365 subscription with up to five people.
Do I need a domain name to install WordPress?
No, you do not need a domain name to install WordPress. You can install WordPress on a localhost, or you can use a free-hosting service such as or
What is a VMC certificate for a logo?
A VMC (Validated Mark Certificate) is a certificate issued by an independent body that confirms the design and colors used for a logo have been approved by the brand owner for use in any medium. This certificate can provide assurance to brand users that their logo use is correct, and that it has been reviewed and certified by the rightful owners.
Where can I find information about the latest iOS security updates?
Apple typically posts security updates for iOS on its Apple Security website, which you can find here: Security updates are often posted to the Apple Security Updates support page: You can also find information about security updates on Apple’s official blog, which you can find here: