What is CL_crosshairalpha?

CL_crosshairalpha is a console command in the game Counter-Strike that controls the transparency of the crosshair, which is the aiming tool used in the game. The lower the number, the more transparent the crosshair will appear.
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Is it possible to change the modified date of a file?

Yes, it is possible to change the modified date of a file. This can usually be done by using a file manager program or the command prompt. In most cases, the syntax for this is "atime" or "mtime". For more specific instructions, based on the operating system, you'd need to consult the help file or manual for the application.

How do I delete photos from my Photo Stream on iPhone?

To delete photos from your photo stream on iPhone, open the Photos app, select the photo stream to which the photos were added, tap "Select", select the photos you wish to delete, and tap the trash can icon in the bottom right corner.

Will Call of duty points transfer from Modern Warfare 2 to Warzone 2?

No, Call of Duty Points cannot be transferred from Modern Warfare 2 to Warzone.


How do I promote a tweet?
1. Log in to your Twitter account and create your ad. 2. Choose who you want to target by typing in relevant keywords and choosing certain demographic categories. 3. Set your budget and your desired maximum bid. 4. Provide the payment details and review your order. 5. Click on the ‘Promote’ button and your tweet will be promoted!
How many jobs are there in the Internet sector?
The exact number of jobs in the Internet sector is impossible to determine due to the ever-changing nature of the industry and its various sub-sectors. However, the most recent estimates suggest that over 9 million people are employed in the Internet sector, either directly or indirectly, worldwide.
What are tiny black beetles?
Tiny black beetles can be a variety of different species, such as grain weevils, darkling beetles, black carpet beetles, and more. Identification of the species will help narrow down the type of beetle.
How do I connect a hard drive to my Mac?
1. Plug the hard drive into an available USB port. 2. Once your Mac recognizes the hard drive, open Finder. 3. Select the icon for your hard drive from the left-sidebar in Finder. 4. Click "Mount" from the pop-up window. 5. You can now access the drive's contents from Finder and use it as needed.
What is a car diagnostic test?
A car diagnostic test is a type of service that helps to identify, diagnose, and analyze potential issues with a vehicle. It is typically done using a professional diagnostic scan tool that is designed specifically for cars, trucks, and other automotive vehicles. The types of issues that can be diagnosed and analyzed by a car diagnostic test range from engine issues to electrical system issues and can even include brake and tire problems.
What are the new features of the Nintendo Switch Online app?
The new features of the Nintendo Switch Online App include the following: 1. Online gaming with friends: Easily play online with friends through the app by inviting them to online play sessions. 2. Voice Chat: Communicate with your friends by talking to each other in-game, as well as through your phone. 3. SplatNet 2: Special Splatoon 2 features like viewing battle records, stats, and gear. 4. SplatNet Gear: Buy and customize special Splatoon 2 gear. 5. Smartphone app compatible with Nintendo Switch console: Connect the app to your console to access exclusive features like broadcast footage, notifications, and more. 6. Enhanced mobile experience: Enjoy the app’s online gaming, voice chat, and SplatNet 2 features optimized for smart device.