How do I add a degree symbol to my keyboard?

There is no single key to type the degree symbol on a keyboard. Depending on the keyboard, you may be able to type the degree symbol by holding down the ALT key and entering 0176 or Alt+248 on the numeric keypad. Alternatively, you can use the Windows Character Map or Mac Character Viewer to copy and paste the degree symbol from a list of available symbols.
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are dinosaurs still alive

No, dinosaurs have been extinct for millions of years.

How to make a compost bin?

1. Choose a compost container or build your own. You can create your own compost bin using some repurposed items such as livestock troughs, plastic tubs, or even a simple pile in your backyard. 2. Place the compost container in a level, shady area with easy access. 3. Drill holes in the container for air circulation, with larger holes at the base. 4. Place a layer of organic material such as fallen leaves or grass clippings in the bottom of the container. 5. Alternate between green materials like fruit and vegetable scraps and brown materials like twigs, paper, and sawdust. 6. Add a few handfuls of soil to the container. 7. Add some water to make the materials damp but not soggy. 8. Mix the materials together with a garden fork. 9. Monitor the compost bin for temperature and moisture levels. 10. Turn the compost with a pitchfork every 2-3 weeks to aerate and mix the materials. 11. When the compost is dark and crumbly, it's ready to be used in your garden!

What happens if an exhibit is not admitted into evidence?

If an exhibit is not admitted into evidence, it cannot be considered by the judge or jury during their deliberations. The jurors can only consider evidence that has been admitted.


Where can I buy New Balance shoes?
New Balance shoes can be purchased online via their website or from retailers such as Foot Locker, Amazon, Nordstrom, Finish Line, and many others.
Which UNESCO Member States are not UN member states?
Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and Oman are UNESCO member states but are not UN member states.
Why do so many good programmers leave their jobs?
There are a variety of reasons why good programmers leave their jobs. Many times, it comes down to a lack of job satisfaction due to factors such as burnout, feeling undervalued, a lack of challenging work, or strained relations with coworkers. Other times, programmers may feel that the company culture or values no longer align with their own, or that their career trajectory is stagnating. Additionally, some may simply be looking for new opportunities in order to stay abreast of technological advancements. Ultimately, each situation is unique and must be handled individually.
What is a BizTalk message queuing dedicated host?
A BizTalk Message Queuing (MSMQ) dedicated host is an application that runs dedicated instances of the MSMQ service. Its primary purpose is to provide an isolated environment for sending, receiving, and routing messages on a dedicated host, ensuring that messages do not conflict with the operating system or other applications in the same environment. It allows organizations to guarantee delivery of messages without risking performance degradation or dropped messages.
How to create a cost center in SAP?
1. Access the SAP Easy Access Screen and Select SPRO from the Main Menu. 2. Go to the Overhead Cost Controlling module and select Master Data. 3. Select Cost Center Accounting and choose Cost Center Master Records – Create. 4. Enter the name of the cost center to be created. 5. Define the cost center type and hierarchy. 6. Assign the cost center to a company code and an organizational unit (if applicable). 7. Choose the Cost Center Manager. 8. Enter the cost center budget and allocate it as necessary. 9. Assign the cost center group to the cost center. 10. Save your settings.
Is it safe to have more than one Instagram account?
Yes, it is generally safe to have multiple Instagram accounts, however users should be aware that each account must be operated independently and requires its own set of credentials to log in. Users should also only post appropriate content for each account, in accordance with Instagram’s terms and conditions.