Is the central government required to issue order directing Cost Audit?

No, the central government is not required to issue orders directing Cost Audits. However, the Central Government can direct companies to undergo Cost Audits through notification under Section 233B of the Companies Act, 2013.
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Do enchondromas require treatment?

Enchondromas usually do not require treatment. They often resolve on their own or grow very slowly without causing any symptoms or complications. In some cases, however, enchondromas may require treatment—particularly if they are large, growing quickly, causing symptoms, or putting pressure on nearby nerves or blood vessels. Treatment for enchondromas may include radiation, surgery, or a combination of both.

How much memory does an Intel 8080 have?

The Intel 8080 did not come with built-in RAM. It could interface with up to 64 KB of RAM which was connected externally.

What is Tosca TBox framework?

Tosca TBox is an open-source software testing framework for automating test cases for Web, mobile, and API applications. It focuses on enabling test automation of full-stack applications, by combining different tools like Selenium, Appium, Cucumber, and other frameworks that are commonly used for test automation. Tosca TBox provides a comprehensive suite of tools for managing test cases, configuring test environments, managing test data, and executing the tests. It also provides features like debugging, reporting, and analytics that help to keep track of the test progress.


What does Google Cloud do for T-Mobile?
Google Cloud provides T-Mobile with a range of cloud services, from storage, analytics, and application development, to hosting and cloud infrastructure. As a major provider of cloud services, Google Cloud enables T-Mobile to scale up its operations quickly and easily, to more quickly deliver digital, cloud-based experiences to their customers. Furthermore, the platform's analytics tools allow T-Mobile to track user behavior and make decisions in real-time. Additionally, Google Cloud provides security and compliance features, allowing T-Mobile to protect its customer data and adhere to all industry standards and regulations.
What causes numbness in your hands when sleeping?
Numbness in the hands while sleeping is usually caused by an incorrect sleeping position. This can result in entrapment of a major nerve which supplies sensation to the hand, leading to a numbing sensation in the fingers and hands. Poor mattress support and a lack of cushioning can also be contributing factors. Other conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome and certain medical treatments such as chemotherapy can also cause numbness in the hands.
How do brands appeal to conservatives and Liberals?
*For conservatives, brands can appeal to their core values, such as patriotism, traditional family values, maintaining a strong national defense, and limited government interference. Brands can also emphasize conservative themes through messaging, such as “traditional”, “family-focused” and “responsibility”. On social media, brands can target conservative-leaning audiences by promoting content that resonates with this group. *For liberals, brands can promote progressive values such as social justice, tolerance, inclusion, and environmental protection. Brands can also create content that speaks to the liberal worldview, such as messages about improving diversity, empowering marginalized people, and recognizing the importance of progressive policies. They can also target liberal audiences on social media through targeted ads, highlighting progressive causes and interests.
What happens to my comments after I Delete my account?
If you delete your account, your comments will be removed from the website or platform where you posted them. Depending on the website, other users may not be able to see them, but the website may keep a record of them.
What are business drivers in cloud computing?
1. Cost Savings: Cloud solutions are known to reduce costs significantly as the need for hardware and IT resources are drastically reduced and scaling for seasonal needs is more cost-effective. 2. Flexibility: Cloud computing enables a flexible environment with dynamic scalability and allows organizations to quickly deploy new services and applications without the need for upfront investments. 3. Speed: Cloud solutions offer faster implementations, shorter lead times and faster deployments than traditional on-premise solutions. 4. Security & Reliability: Cloud computing is much more secure and reliable than on-premise solutions as cloud solutions are hosted in secure data centers that provide better defenses against cyber-attacks. 5. Mobility: Companies can access critical business applications and data whenever and wherever they need it with cloud solutions. 6. Data Insights: Cloud solutions provide better insights into the data with tools such as reporting, analytics, and intelligence for making better business decisions.
Can a bank account beneficiary designation be used with a will?
No, a bank account beneficiary designation cannot be used with a will. A bank account beneficiary designation works differently than a will and specifies who the beneficiary of the bank account would receive the funds in the account. Meanwhile, a will looks at who should inherit the decedent's entire estate or certain property.