What are the best video game platformers of all time?

1. Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo, 1985) 2. Sonic the Hedgehog (SEGA, 1991) 3. Rayman (Ubisoft, 1995) 4. Donkey Kong Country (Nintendo, 1994) 5. Mega Man (Capcom, 1987) 6. Super Meat Boy (Team Meat, 2010) 7. CastleVania: Symphony of the Night (Konami, 1997) 8. Limbo (Playdead, 2010) 9. Braid (Number None, 2008) 10. Cave Story (Pixel, 2004)
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Is Microsoft better than oracle at big data?

It is difficult to say whether Microsoft is better than Oracle at big data as both companies have their own strengths and weaknesses in this area. While Microsoft offers a wide range of advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, Oracle provides powerful data warehousing capabilities, cloud services, and scalability. Ultimately, it may come down to the specific needs of the organization and which vendor offers products and services best suited to their requirements.

how tune a guitar

1. Check Your Tuning: Start by making sure your guitar is in tune. You can use an electronic tuner or tune your strings to a known pitch. 2. Tune One String at a Time: Start by tuning one string at a time. Tune each string until the tone it produces is in tune compared to the other strings. 3. Listen for 'Beats': Listen for the small pulses or wavering of the note called 'beats.' If the beats between two notes on adjacent strings don't match up, the string that is too sharp will need to be loosened and the string that is too flat will need to be tightened. 4. Check the Tuning Again: Once all the strings are in tune, recheck the tuning with an electronic tuner and make any necessary adjustments. 5. Stretch the Strings: Once the guitar is in tune, stretch the strings, one at a time, to help them stay in tune and prevent them from slipping in pitch. Make sure not to stretch the strings too much, as this can damage the instrument.

What is the notion API documentation?

The Notion API Documentation is a collection of documents and references created to help developers work with Notion, an all-in-one workspace for teams and individuals. It includes everything you need to know to begin building integrations with Notion on the web, including guidance on authentication, webhooks, and more.


What is call of Duty WWII?
Call of Duty: WWII is a first-person shooter video game developed by Sledgehammer Games and published by Activision. The game is set in World War II, and focuses on the actions of the Allies in Europe from 1944 onwards. Players take on the role of private Ronald "Red" Daniels of the 1st Infantry Division and follow his journey from the beaches of Normandy to the liberation of Paris, and finally to the final push that leads to the end of the Third Reich. The game features a narrative-driven single-player campaign, as well as a competitive multiplayer and cooperative modes.
Do printers use 16 bit data?
No, printers typically use 8-bit data, which is sufficient for printing. 16-bit data is used mainly for audio and video editing.
Why does my computer randomly lock?
Your computer could be locking randomly for a number of reasons, such as security settings that are enabled, power management settings, or viruses/malware. It's important to diagnose the cause of the random lockups in order to prevent them from happening again. You can try scanning your computer with anti-virus/malware software to check for malicious infections, and check the power and security settings in the control panel to ensure they are not causing the random lockups.
What are the common symptom of computer virus?
1. Sluggish performance. 2. Unexpected errors or warnings. 3. Files, folders, or program that can’t be opened. 4. Changes to your homepage or new toolbars added to your web browser. 5. Slowed internet connection. 6. Unusually high amount of pop-up windows. 7. Unauthorized changes to system settings. 8. Unusual activity on your bank account or credit card.
How do I remove write protection from an external hard drive?
In Windows: 1. Right-click the External Hard Drive and select Properties. 2. Select the Security tab. 3. Under the Group or user names, select the user you wish to edit. 4. Under Permissions, uncheck the box next to Write and click OK. In Mac OS X: 1. Open Disk Utility. 2. Right-click the External Hard Drive icon and select Info. 3. Under General, uncheck the box next to Ignore ownership on this volume. 4. Close Disk Utility. Please note: In some cases, write protection can be caused by the device itself or even imposed by the manufacturer. If neither of the above steps resolves the issue, you may need to contact the manufacturer or refer to the device’s manual for instructions on how to remove any such protection.
How do I play an Ambisonic audio clip?
Ambisonic audio clips can be played with a number of different playback systems, including plugins for digital audio workstations (DAWs) such as Avid Pro Tools and Ableton Live, as well as dedicated multichannel audio systems from manufacturers like SoundID and Out Board. Depending on your setup, the audio clip may need to be decoded in real-time using an Ambisonic decoder. This can either be a plugin or software application, or a piece of dedicated hardware. Once decoded, the audio clip can then be routed to the appropriate outputs and played back in the intended format.