When is a gyroscope used to measure angular velocity?

A gyroscope is used to measure angular velocity when it is used to detect changes in orientation, including the tilt of an object or the direction in which it is pointing. It can be used to measure the angular velocity (rate of change of angular position) of a rotating object, such as a motor or a toy.
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What plants can I put in my betta fish bowl?

Ideally, no live plants should be placed in a bowl with a betta fish. In tiny bowls, there is not enough water to support aquatic plant life, and also the lighting is usually not strong enough for the plant to survive. Artificial silk plants can be used as decorative accessories for the tank, as long as they are not made of any material that will harm the fish.

Is it possible to make money online with data entry?

Yes, it is possible to make money online with data entry. Many companies offer freelance data entry positions, which can provide people with flexible work opportunities and extra income. There are also online businesses that hire data entry workers, and some sites provide opportunities to complete simple data entry tasks for a fee.

How many immigrants average per day to Luxembourg?

According to the United Nations Population Division's 2019 World Population Prospects, an average of 50 immigrants arrive in Luxembourg every day.


How to mount a filesystem in Linux?
1. Determine the filesystem type by using the command “file -s device”, where device is the device name. 2. Mount the filesystem using the command “mount -t type device mntpoint”, where type is the filesystem type, device is the device name, and mntpoint is the mount point. 3. If the filesystem requires options, such as permissions and read/write access, you can use the “-o” option in the mount command, followed by the specific option(s) desired. 4. To unmount the filesystem, use the command “umount device”, with the device name as the argument.
How to name a range in Excel?
To name a range in Excel, select the range of cells you want to name, then press CTRL+F3. Enter the range name in the “Name” field then press Enter. The range will now be named.
What is the best tool for digital forensics?
The best tool for digital forensics depends on the specific task at hand and the circumstances of the case. Some tools that are commonly used in digital forensics include EnCase, FTK, Autopsy, X-Ways Forensics, and WinHex.
What will happen to the Sun in the next 20 million years?
In the next 20 million years, the sun will continue to fuse hydrogen securely in its core and become about 10 percent brighter. As it does so, the sun will also begin to expand, becoming a red giant. During this period, the planets in the inner solar system, including Earth, will likely be incinerated. Eventually, the sun will shrink down to become a white dwarf and eventually, in the far distant future, will end its life cycle as a black dwarf.
What are the detoxification properties of bitter gourd?
Bitter gourd is known for its detoxification properties due to its high concentration of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. It is known to help cleanse the liver and kidneys, remove toxins from the body, and combat free radical damage. It is also high in fiber, which aids in digestion and elimination of waste products. Bitter gourd is also rich in vitamin C, which helps with cell regeneration and boosts the immune system. Additionally, it contains some essential minerals, like magnesium and potassium, which help flush out toxins from the body.
How much flake graphite will be produced by 2021?
It is difficult to predict how much flake graphite will be produced in 2021, as factors such as production costs and market demand can affect supply.