Where does data come from in a warehouse?

Data can come from a variety of sources including operational systems, external sources, and database systems. Data can also be delivered through ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) processes. Sources of data may include customers, vendors, external market data, text files, government databases, APIs, and various “big data” sources.
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Can I bring my own build tools to use with AWS codebuild?

No, you cannot bring your own build tools to use with AWS CodeBuild. AWS CodeBuild currently supports a variety of managed build environments, including Ubuntu, Windows Server, Amazon Linux, and Docker images. Therefore, you must use the build environments that are supported by AWS CodeBuild in order to use the service.

Do actors get paid for winning an Oscar?

No, actors do not receive a monetary prize for winning an Oscar. However, they do receive a statuette, which is a lasting symbol of the honor.

Should I set my air conditioner to 16 degrees Celsius?

This decision is up to your personal preferences. Everyone is more comfortable at different temperatures, so it is best to choose the setting that works best for you.


What is an apex interface?
An apex interface is a component of the Apex programming language provided by Salesforce. It is essentially a list of methods that can be invoked on an object, with each method specifying the parameters that must be provided and the type of value returned. Interfaces help promote the use of standard methods and provide a layer of abstraction between the caller and the implementation of the method itself.
What is the memory limit of starter?
The memory limit of the Starter plan on Heroku is 512 MB.
What are nested switch statements in Java?
Nested switch statements in Java are when a switch statement is placed inside of another switch statement. This allows the code to consider two different cases for each set of conditions.
What is structural engineering design?
Structural engineering design is the planning and calculating of materials, sizes, shapes and support systems for a variety of structures. It involves the use of engineering principles and technical skills to ensure buildings and other structures remain standing and safe for use by people. Structural engineers create plans and designs that take into account structural components such as footings, columns, beams, floors, walls, roofing and much more. They also consider forces arising from wind, rain, gravity and seismic activity, when designing structures. Structural engineering designs must also meet national building codes and other regulations.
Is my router WEP or WPA?
The answer to this question depends on the make and model of your router. Check your router's manual or its online information to find out which security protocol it is using.
Why are organizations turning to the public cloud?
Organizations are turning to the public cloud for a variety of reasons, including cost savings, scalability, flexibility, and improved access to resources. In the public cloud, organizations can purchase the exact computing resources that they need on an as-needed basis, and can easily scale up or down as their business needs change. In addition, the public cloud allows organizations to spread their usage more efficiently across multiple servers, getting the most out of their resources. Furthermore, public cloud solutions are often cheaper than traditional on-premise solutions, allowing organizations to control their IT costs. Finally, public cloud solutions provide organizations with access to a range of different services, such as storage, networking, analytics, and databases, which can help them to better manage, store, and analyze data.