How to record screen and audio in Google Chrome?

1. Open your Chrome browser and type in chrome://flags/. 2. In the search bar, type in "experimental web platform features." 3. Enable the flag that says "Experimental Web Platform features." 4. Close the browser and restart it. 5. Open Developer Tools (Menu > More Tools > Developer Tools). 6. Select the Audits tab and click on "Record WebRTC Session". 7. Select your audio sources (microphone and speakers). 8. Now select the tab that says "Capture" and click the "Start Recording" button. 9. Click the "Stop Recording" button when you're done and the video and audio will be saved as an MP4 file.
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Is it normal for the Apple Watch to heat up while charging?

Yes, it is normal for an Apple Watch to heat up while charging. However, if the watch is consistently overheating while charging, then it likely needs to be serviced.

How do I disable an offline web page?

If the web page in question is hosted on your own server, you can disable it by deleting it from the server or if it is hosted elsewhere, such as a content delivery network (CDN), you can disable it by disabling it from the CDN. If it is hosted as a static web page on a hosting provider, you can disable it by removing the web page from the hosting provider's control panel or by disabling the domain.

Is a key to light and darkness still in Destiny 2?

Yes, the keys to light and darkness are still in Destiny 2. Players can obtain them by completing the Deep Stone Crypt raid or by purchasing them from the Eververse store.


How are credit losses for available for sale debt securities measured?
Credit losses for available for sale debt securities are typically measured by estimating the current fair value of the security and then deducting the amortized cost basis of the security. This amount is then subject to the specific company’s impairment model for estimation, with the result being the amount of the credit loss. This amount can then be recognized in the income statement as an expense.
What do I need to know before filling out an application?
1. Have all relevant materials, documents, and information organized and ready before you begin your application, such as contact information (including references), education/work history, and required essays or statements. 2. Read the instructions carefully to ensure you fill out the application accurately and completely. 3. Be aware of any deadlines and other requirements, such as submitting supplemental materials within the same timeframe. 4. Proofread and edit your application multiple times to ensure you’ve fully expressed yourself and there are no glaring mistakes. 5. Review any terms and conditions associated with the application, such as whether or not a copy of your application will be sent to a third party. 6. Familiarize yourself with any applicable laws and regulations, such as equal opportunity laws and maintaining a neutral environment.
What is time complexity in Computer Science?
Time complexity is a measure of the amount of time required by a given algorithm or program to complete its tasks. It is used to classify algorithms according to how they respond to different kinds of inputs, and is often used as a way to measure and compare the relative efficiency of different algorithms.
What is the difference between guest and visitor?
A guest is someone who has been invited to be somewhere, often for a specific event, while a visitor is someone who simply enters a space without an invitation. Guest typically implies a more formal relationship between a host and the individual, while a visitor is simply someone who visits for any reason.
How to create a CANVAS app?
1. Sign up for a Canvas account. You can get started with your free account on the Canvas website. 2. Design the structure of your app. Think about the purpose of your app and the kind of content you want to include. Consider using storyboards or wireframes to create a clear structure and plan out the different features. 3. Start developing your app. Create a custom HTML and CSS structure, set up navigation and link back to any content blocks you've already created. 4. Publish your app. Once you're happy with your development and design, you can submit your app for review, and once it's approved, it will be published and available for users on the App Store. 5. Monitor usage. You can track how many people download and use your app, as well as create promotions for the app or update it to meet the needs of users.