How to use TDE on SQL database?

1. Create a master encryption key on the server by running the CREATE MASTER KEY command. 2. Create a certificate to secure the master encryption key by running the CREATE CERTIFICATE command. 3. Create a database encryption key for the database by running the CREATE DATABASE ENCRYPTION KEY command. 4. Encrypt the database by running the ALTER DATABASE command. 5. Configure the users or roles to require encryption by running the ALTER LOGIN or ALTER ROLE command. 6. Encrypt columns by running the ALTER TABLE command. 7. Backup the master encryption key and certificate by running the BACKUP MASTER KEY, BACKUP CERTIFICATE, and BACKUP SERVICE MASTER KEY commands.
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How do I enable or disable accelerated networking?

1. In the Azure portal, select the virtual machine you want to enable or disable Accelerated Networking for. 2. Select Networking under Settings. 3. Select the Accelerated Networking tab. 4. Select or deselect the Accelerated Networking toggle to enable or disable it. 5. Select Save to commit your changes.

What is a SPCT?

SPCT stands for Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination. It is a technical maturity model used to assess the current state of a software development process and identify areas for improvement. It provides both a qualitative and quantitative approach to the evaluation process and is based on the Capability Maturity Model (CMM).

How do I rename a category in outlook?

To rename a category in Outlook, first open the Outlook app and select "Categories" from the "Home" tab. Next, right-click the category you wish to modify, then select "Rename Category" from the drop-down list. Enter the new category name and click "OK" to save your changes.


What is the use of expand function in PostGIS?
The PostGIS expand function is used to increase the precision of a geometric object by increasing the number of points or segments it contains. By increasing the precision of a geometric object, it facilitates accurate measurements and analysis. Additionally, the expand function can be used for creating buffer zones or calculating area of a geographic feature.
Is diatomaceous earth good for bonsai pots?
Yes, diatomaceous earth can be used to line bonsai pots as it is able to provide the pot with excellent drainage and aeration, which is important for promoting the health and growth of a bonsai. It works by allowing the potting soil to dry out more quickly, trapping more water around the potting material, and allowing beneficial microorganisms to grow. For best results, mix equal parts diatomaceous earth and pumice when potting a bonsai.
What is the importance of site management organization (SMO) in clinical trials?
The site management organization (SMO) is one of the most important components of clinical trials. It provides essential value to the trial sponsor and research site by helping to guide the day-to-day operations, provide administrative support, and ensure compliance with industry regulations. An SMO will also help to streamline processes and efficiency, allowing for more effective communication between all parties involved in a clinical trial. Furthermore, a good site management organization can help ensure that patient safety and data accuracy remain top-of-mind throughout the clinical trial process.
How do I migrate VNET caches to Azure virtual machine scale sets?
1. Create a VNET gateway in the Azure Portal and configure the local gateway IP address on the on-premises gateway. 2. Configure an Azure virtual network site to site VPN connection, using the local gateway IP address and the VNET gateway to connect the VNET caches to the Azure virtual network. 3. Create an availability set or a virtual machine scale set for the VNET caches. 4. Provision the VNET caches on the virtual machine scale sets, using the same IP address range configured in step 1. 5. Configure the security policies as desired and map the required ports between the VNET caches and the workloads. 6. Test the VNET caches for availability and performance.
What is the formula for nitric oxide?
The chemical formula for nitric oxide is NO.
What are the most interesting ancient board games?
1. Senet (Egyptian): This two-player board game dates back to the Predynastic period of Ancient Egypt (c.3500–3100 BC) and is one of the oldest known board games. Players take turn to move their pieces around the gameboard, aiming to be the first to reach the end of the board. 2. Go (Chinese): This strategy board game was developed over 2000 years ago in China, and according to historians is the oldest board game in the world that's still being played. Players take alternate turns to place stones on a 19x19 grid, aiming to capture the most territory. 3. Nine Men's Morris (Roman): This game was played in Ancient Rome, and is similar to checkers. Two players try to create three pieces in a row called ‘mills’ on a board of three concentric squares. At the same time, the players can capture their opponent pieces by forming moles, with the ultimate aim being to leave the opponent without any pieces on the board. 4. Mancala (African): This family of board games originated in Africa and has been around for thousands of years. Today, the most popular version is called Kalah or Kalaha, and is played by two players, who take alternate turn to strategically move their stones or seeds around the board to capture their opponents’ pieces and be the first to capture all their pieces.