Can a business collect information from customers without their consent?

No. Collecting information from customers without their consent is a violation of data privacy laws and could result in legal penalties.
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Who makes flex sprinkler hoses?

Flex sprinkler hoses are designed and manufactured by several companies, including Flexon, Dramm, Gardena, and Gilmour.

How do I export data from G Suite to Office 365?

1. Export your data from G Suite: • Log in to Google Admin Console • Click "Data Export" • Select the relevant G Suite services (e.g. Drive, Calendar, Contacts, etc.) • Create your export job • Download the ZIP file that contains the exported data 2. Transfer your data to Office 365: • Log in to Office 365 Admin Center • Select Data Migration • Select Network Upload • Select the ZIP file containing your G Suite data • Choose the destination in Office 365 • Track the progress of your data migration job • Verify that the data is migrated correctly • Delete the data transfer job once completed

Do we have a responsibility to combat bribery in global business?

Yes, we have a responsibility to combat bribery in global business. Bribery is wrong and unethical and should not be tolerated in any form of business. Businesses should have policies in place to prevent bribery from occurring, and governments should implement regulations to deter bribery and punish those who engage in it. Businesses should also strive for transparency and accountability to protect against bribery and other forms of corruption.


How has technology changed the role of marketing?
Technology has changed the role of marketing in multiple ways. It has made reaching potential customers much easier, faster, and more cost-effective. Technology also allows for more efficient data collection and analysis, meaning marketing professionals can better tailor their message to target audiences. All of this leads to more effective campaigns and a better return on investment. Finally, technology has allowed marketing to become more interactive, with advances such as social media and mobile marketing allowing users to engage with companies in real time.
What is the role of reducing ends in active cellulose formation?
The reducing ends in active cellulose formation are essential for the crystalline structure of cellulose. They are instrumental in the condensation of the glucose molecules and the formation of the β(1→4) glycosidic bonds that give the cellulose structure its rigidity and strength. The presence of reducing ends also helps the polymerization of the glucose molecules, which facilitates a more uniform distribution of the cellulose chains and helps to maintain the crystallinity of the cellulose fibers.
How to share a smartphone with Parallels Desktop?
1. Download and install Parallels Desktop. 2. Connect your smartphone to your computer via USB cable. 3. Select the “Share with Parallels Desktop” option from your smartphone. 4. Within Parallels Desktop, go to “My Devices” and select your device. 5. Choose the type of sharing you would like to do (e.g., Keyboard, Mouse, Network, and/or Files). 6. Finally, configure any additional options if needed. Once complete, you can access your smartphone’s content and features on your computer and even use the mouse and keyboard to operate the device.
Can an employer make deductions from pay for absences?
Yes, an employer may make deductions from pay for absences according to relevant state and federal laws. However, employers should recognize that deductions are subject to the legal requirements and should consult with their legal counsel to ensure compliance.
How do I set up entitlements in Databricks?
1. Navigate to the Access Controls tab in your workspace settings. 2. Click on Entitlements. 3. Select a scope of the entitlement (cluster, component, job) or select “all” to create a global entitlement. 4. Add members by typing their email address and then assign them a role. 5. Check the box next to the appropriate role you wish to grant them (e.g. Admin). 6. Click Create. The members you added will now have the privileges assigned to their role.
What is the Osmo Action carrying case made of?
The Osmo Action carrying case is made of hard EVA material.