How much time do Japanese people spend online?

The amount of time Japanese people spend online varies significantly between individuals. According to a 2020 report by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Japanese people between the ages of 15 and 69 spend, on average, 6 hours and 7 minutes online per day. On the other hand, a report by the Video Research Group has suggested that Japanese people in their 20s spend, on average, 7 hours and 30 minutes online per day.
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What does SMB stand for in telecommunications?

SMB stands for Server Message Block, a networking protocol used in communications between a client and server.

How to get number of rows in MySQL?

The easiest way to get the number of rows in a MySQL table is to use the SELECT COUNT(*) command. For example: SELECT COUNT(*) FROM [yourTableName]

How to dry paint when it's still tacky?

Unfortunately, you can't dry paint that is still tacky. You will need to remove the paint and start again. To remove the paint, you can use a paint remover or sand down the area, depending on the type of paint.


What is an Operational Excellence program?
Operational excellence is an organizational philosophy, framework, and set of practices that focus on continually improving processes, products, and services, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and profitability. Operational excellence programs focus on creating a culture of excellence, streamlining processes and procedures, providing training and development opportunities, and increasing customer service and reliability.
How to fix a panorama that has been merged incorrectly?
1. Re-stitch the panorama using specialized software: If you have access to specialized stitching software, re-merging the panorama incorrectly can be easily done. This process involves re-weaving the original images into the right order. 2. Manually try to fix the panorama: If you don't have access to specialized stitching software, you can also try to manually fix the panorama by taking each of the individual images and manipulating them separately to fit them back in the correct order and field of view. 3. Use a panorama correction tool: If you don't feel comfortable doing either of the previous two steps, you can always use an online panorama correction tool to automatically fix the panorama.
How do I add and configure Apple devices to my ASM portal?
1. Log in to the Apple School Manager portal. 2. Select the Devices tab at the top of the page. 3. In the left sidebar, click the Add Devices link. 4. Select the device type (iPad, iPhone, Mac, Apple TV, iPod Touch, etc.), enter the number of devices to be added, and click the yellow “Buy Now” button. 5. Enter your billing information, and then click “Submit Order”. 6. Once the devices have been purchased, you will be able to configure them with settings, assign users, and group devices with Classes. 7. To learn more about setting up devices, visit the Apple Education Support page.
What are the highest paying military contracting jobs?
The highest paying military contracting jobs include: -Military Weapons System Analyst -Military Logistics Analyst -Military Simulation Analyst -Systems Engineer -Software Engineer -Project Manager -Systems Designer -Cyber Security Engineer -Network Engineer -Software Developer -Systems Administrator -Data Scientist -Database Administrator -Aviation Technologist -Aerospace Engineer -Aerospace Systems Architect -Robotics Engineer -Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Operator -Information Technology (IT) Strategist -Supply Chain Manager
How do I configure the update location for Microsoft 365 apps?
To configure the update location for Microsoft 365 apps, please follow the steps below: 1. Open the Microsoft 365 Apps Admin Center. 2. Go to Updates > Update location tab. 3. Select the update location you want to use. You can choose a local folder, or specify an internet URL. 4. Click Save. 5. Repeat this process for each version of the Microsoft 365 apps that you want to install or update. 6. Finally, make sure to configure your local network or Update management tools to use the update location you specified. This will ensure that all the users in your organization are getting the latest updates from the same location.
How do you calculate IaaS cloud costs?
1. Determine usage requirements: Begin by understanding the usage requirements of your applications. Consider factors such as the amount of compute, storage, and network resources your application will require. 2. Choose a pricing model: IaaS Cloud services can have different pricing models, so it’s important to choose the one that best fits your needs. Common pricing models are per hour, per month, or per use. 3. Analyze benchmarks: Research recent benchmarks to determine the typical cost of running a workload on a public cloud provider. 4. Estimate costs: Calculate an estimate for your specific use case by multiplying your requirements by the cost per hour or month. 5. Monitor usage: Monitor your usage to check for inefficiencies and recurring charges to ensure that your cloud costs remain optimized.