Do you see the value of code reviews?

Yes, I do see the value of code reviews. Code reviews provide an opportunity for developers to collaborate and share different perspectives when examining a codebase. They also provide quality assurance, allowing developers to spot potential bugs, compliance issues, and areas of improvement in the code. Additionally, code reviews can also be used to teach and share knowledge within the development team, helping everyone gain a better understanding of the codebase.
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How do I make a backup of my TSM Server?

1. Use the dsmc command line utility to back up server configuration files, such as your dsm.sys and dsm.opt files. 2. Use the dsmadmc command line utility to back up your databases, such as domain and node databases. 3. Set up a strategy that uses daily schedule to back up your data to media. 4. Automate the backups regularly so that you are able to quickly restore any data that is deleted or corrupted. 5. Use the dsmc query backup command to verify the backups to ensure that the data is correct.

How to install an SSD on a laptop?

1. Make sure you have all the necessary tools and materials 2. Power down your laptop, unplug the charger and remove the battery 3. Take out the existing hard drive from your laptop 4. Connect the new SSD to the SATA cable or SATA adapter 5. Secure the SSD into the laptop's hard drive bay 6. Reinstall the laptop’s battery and plug your laptop back in 7. Boot up your laptop and configure the BIOS settings for the SSD 8. Install the operating system and applications onto the SSD 9. Shut down the laptop and reinstall your old hard drive 10. Turn the laptop on and begin using your new SSD

How to fix telegram not responding on Android?

1. Restart your phone. Try restarting your device by holding the power button until you see the Power Options menu. Then select the option to “Restart” or “Reboot”. Then re-open Telegram. 2. Check for the latest version of Telegram. If you're not using the latest version of Telegram, it could cause some issues such as not responding. To check, open the Play Store, tap the three lines in the upper-left corner and tap “My apps & games” and then tap the “Installed” tab. From there, look for the Telegram icon and check whether an update is available. 3. Clear the cache of the Telegram app. You can clear the cache to free up space and speed up the performance of the app. To do this, go to Settings > Apps > Telegram and then tap “Clear Cache”. 4. Check your internet connection. If your internet connection is slow or not working, Telegram may not load properly. Try switching to another network or resetting your wifi.


Should you develop a joint custody parenting schedule with your ex?
The answer to this question is dependent on your particular situation. A joint custody parenting schedule can oftentimes be beneficial for the children involved and is a good option to consider, especially if you and your ex have a positive relationship. However, there may be certain factors and issues present in your particular situation which may make such an arrangement not conducive. Therefore, it is important to speak with a legal professional, who is knowledgeable and experienced in family law, to determine if a joint custody parenting schedule is right for you and your family.
How to mask characters of a password in textbox?
You can mask characters of a password in a textbox by using the HTML type attribute. Set the type attribute to "password" to make the textbox secure and mask characters as they are typed.
How to tokenize a string in Python?
Using the string split() method, you can tokenize a string in Python by splitting the string into substrings based on a given delimiter. For example: string = "Python is a great language" tokens = string.split() print(tokens) # Output: ['Python', 'is', 'a', 'great', 'language']
How did the Mary Rose preserve the Titanic?
The Mary Rose did not preserve the Titanic; it was a Tudor warship that sank in the English Channel in 1545 and was recovered from the seabed in 1982. The wreck of the Titanic, on the other hand, was discovered on the ocean floor in 1985 and has since been the subject of ongoing conservation efforts.
What is online course for stock market traders?
Online courses for stock market traders typically cover topics such as technical analysis, risk management, and fundamental analysis. They may also include instruction on trading strategies, stock market basics, and trading psychology. The courses usually provide webinars, video lectures, readings, and quizzes. Additionally, they may provide mentorship and guidance from experienced traders who can help students build their trading skills.
What equipment do I need to use a speech teleprompter?
You will need a computer, monitor, teleprompter software, an optional foot pedal to control the prompting speed, and a wired or wireless remote control so you can adjust the script from the podium. You can also use a teleprompter app on your tablet or smartphone instead of a computer.