Can Active Data Guard be used on the standby database?

Yes, Active Data Guard can be used on the standby database. It allows the standby database to be open and available for read-only queries so applications can access data while the primary database is still active and the replication process is ongoing.
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What is the best way to track a lost Android phone?

The best way to track a lost Android phone is to make use of one of the many available mobile device tracking apps. These apps usually use the phone’s built-in GPS to pinpoint its location, allowing you to track a stolen device in real-time. You can also use Android Device Manager for tracking lost phones, which will enable you to remotely lock or erase the device’s data if you choose.

How long does it take for a bone graft to heal?

The timeline for a bone graft to heal can vary depending on the type of bone graft and the individual healing process. Generally, bone grafts can take between 6-12 weeks for full healing and integration to occur.

How do I create a virtual environment for my project?

1. Install virtualenv, if needed: pip install virtualenv 2. Create a new virtual environment in the project directory: virtualenv <project_name> 3. Activate the environment: source <project_name>/bin/activate 4. Install packages and dependencies: pip install -r requirements.txt 5. To deactivate the environment: deactivate


What is the difference between AI and cognitive computing?
The main difference between AI and cognitive computing is that AI is a branch of computer science that focuses on using computers to imitate human behavior while cognitive computing focuses on simulating the thinking process of human reasoning and decision making. AI focuses on rational decision making, while cognitive computing focuses on recognizing patterns and performing tasks autonomously. AI is more rule-based, while cognitive computing is more open-ended, learning and adapting as it goes.
What do you need to stream YouTube to your computer?
To stream YouTube to your computer, you will need an internet connection, the YouTube website or app, and a web browser that supports streaming such as Google Chrome or Safari. You may also need additional software such as Adobe Flash Player or a media player such as VLC to watch certain types of content.
Should an apple tree have fruit every year?
No, apple trees do not bear fruit every year. They typically produce fruit every other year as part of their biennial bearing cycle.
How to log server messages in PostgreSQL?
You can use PostgreSQL’s built-inlogging capabilities to log the server messages. To enable logging, connect to the PostgreSQL server and use the following command to create the log file where the server messages will be written: 1. CREATE LOG FILE '/var/log/postgresql/serverlog.log'; This will create a log file named serverlog.log in the /var/log/postgresql directory. To enable logging, use the following command: 2. SET log_destination = 'csvlog'; This will enable logging of all server messages to the log file created in step 1. You can also set the log_statement setting to log all SQL statements executed on the server. To view the log messages, simply use the following command: 3. \x This will display all the log messages in a tabular format. You can also use the pg_logfile_rotate() command to automatically rotate and compress the log file when it reaches a certain size.
What is the meaning of guess the game?
Guess the game is a phrase used to describe a party game in which players must guess the name of a game either by having it described by another player or by other clues.
Why do we need intermediate code?
Intermediate code is code that is generated by the compiler after translating source code into the target language. It is language-independent, which means it is not specific to any programming language and can be used by all. This allows programs and libraries written in different languages to interact with each other more easily. Additionally, intermediate code is easier to optimize and manipulate than source code, meaning that changes to a program are more efficient to make. Intermediate code also makes the job of compilers much easier. Compilers would otherwise have to understand and convert each language from the source code into the target code, but with intermediate code, that task is simplified. This reduces the complexity and time of the compilation process for the end user.