Do I need antivirus on Windows 10 in 2020?

Yes, it is recommended to have an antivirus installed on Windows 10 in 2020. While Windows 10 does come with Windows Defender, it is best to run a third-party antivirus program to help keep your system safe from viruses, malware, and other cyber threats.
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How do I unsubscribe from CamScanner - PDF Scanner app?

To unsubscribe from the CamScanner - PDF Scanner app, you will need to open the app, tap on the “More” option at the bottom right corner of your screen, then tap on “Subscription” and finally select the “Unsubscribe” option to cancel your subscription.

Why are my Desktop flows not visible to power automate users?

Desktop flows are only available to users who have Creator licenses of Power Automate. If your Power Automate users don't have Creator licenses, they won't be able to see your Desktop flows. Make sure to assign Creator licenses to the users who need to access your Desktop flows.

How to use icon menu in AutoCAD Electrical?

1. Open the icon menu: On the ribbon click the Project Tab, then click the drop down arrow beside Icons, select Manage Icons. 2. Enter an icon name: Input an icon name in the ‘Name’ box, a preview of the icon is displayed in the ‘Preview’ window. 3. Add the icon: Click the ‘Add’ button and the icon is added to the icon list. 4. Select the icon: Select the icon you want to use, click on the ‘Edit’ button to view the available options. 5. Select the objects which you want the icon to be attached to: Select one or more objects with the mouse and click ‘Attach’. 6. Complete the icon placement: Click ‘Ok’ and the icon is displayed as part of the object.


What is the hardness of Ruby and Sapphire?
The hardness of ruby and sapphire on the Mohs scale is 9.
Is it worth fixing a head gasket?
Depending on the extent of the damage, it can be worth fixing a head gasket. If it is a small problem, it might be more cost effective to repair it rather than to replace the entire head gasket. However, it's important to remember that head gasket repairs can be quite costly and may not always be the most cost efficient option.
What is the does not equal symbol?
The does not equal symbol is ≠.
What is ethical and unethical in the monitoring space?
Ethical Monitoring: -Obtaining explicit customer consent before collecting or analyzing customer data -Following industry or regulatory compliance standards -Using collected data only for specified purposes -Handling collected data with care and integrity -Ensuring customer data security with access control and encryption -Providing transparency on how customer data is being used -Informing customers of any changes in how their data is being handled Unethical Monitoring: -Collecting or analyzing data without customer permission -Knowingly breaking industry or regulatory compliance standards -Using collected data for purposes not disclosed to customers -Neglecting data security measures, such as access control or encryption -Not disclosing how customer data is being used -Failing to inform customers of changes to data Processing policies.
How will 5G technology affect timing solutions?
5G technology is expected to have significantly faster network speeds, lower latency, and higher connection density than existing 4G networks. This will have a dramatic impact on timing solutions. With faster network speeds and lower latency, timing solutions can be processed and completed in increasingly shorter time periods. Furthermore, higher connection density will allow many more devices to simultaneously connect to networks and communicate with each other with minimal interference and delays, allowing for better synchronization and improved timing accuracy.
What is the purpose of cloning a git repository?
The purpose of cloning a git repository is to copy an existing git repository from a remote server to the local machine. This gives users a local copy of the entire repository for their own use and allows them to make their own edits without affecting the original repository.