How to collect diagnostics logs from Azure application gateways and network security groups?

1. To collect diagnostics logs from an Azure application gateway, open the Azure Portal and select the gateway. Select "Diagnostic Settings" from the left-side menu, then click "Add Diagnostic Setting" and enable Logs. Select the log category and type (e.g. application gateway access log), and set the destination type, storage account, and retention period. 2. To collect diagnostics logs from Azure network security groups, open the Azure Portal and select the Network Security Group. Select "Diagnostic Settings" from the left-side menu, then click "Add Diagnostic Setting" and enable Logs. Select the log category and type (e.g. NSG Flow Logs), and set the destination type, storage account, and retention period.
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What are the top soft skills needed for digital transformation?

1. Problem-solving: the ability to think strategically, offer creative solutions, and troubleshoot challenges. 2. Collaboration: the ability to work with people from different backgrounds and skillsets to develop successful strategies. 3. Innovative Thinking: the ability to think outside of the box, to spot new opportunities and to develop innovative solutions. 4. Agility: the capacity to quickly adapt to rapid change and to continually update skills and processes to keep up with the latest trends. 5. Communication: the capacity to communicate effectively and efficiently, both internally and externally. 6. Empathy: the capacity to understand user needs and build empathy into digital experiences. 7. Leadership: the ability to lead people and inspire change through digital transformation.

Are portable heaters safe?

When used correctly, portable heaters are generally safe. However, not all heaters are the same, so it is important to choose the right type of heater and follow the manufacturer's instructions in order to ensure safety. Look for safety features such as tip-over protection, automatic shut-off, easy access controls and long cords. It's also important to keep flammable materials away from heaters and not to leave them operating unattended.

What can hackers do with your personal information?

Hackers can do a variety of things with your personal information, including: 1. Access bank accounts, steal money, and make fraudulent purchases. 2. Sell your information on the dark web for others to purchase. 3. Use your information to sign up for credit cards or other services in your name. 4. Trick you into downloading malicious software or revealing passwords. 5. Create false social media accounts posing as you. 6. Blackmail or extort you with personal information. 7. Spam your email with malicious linkor advertisements. 8. Change your passwords and lock you out of accounts. 9. Steal your identity and use it to commit crimes. 10. Access confidential or private records, such as medical information or confidential business data.


Are INFPs dominant Fi users?
No, INFPs are not necessarily dominant Fi users; an individual's preferences may vary in this regard. However, INFPs typically prefer to use their Feeling (Fi) over Thinking (Ti) when making decisions.
Is it safe to eat pasta after a workout?
Yes, eating pasta after a workout can be beneficial for muscle recovery. Eating carbohydrates after a workout helps to refuel the muscles with glycogen, the fuel needed for muscle growth and repair.
Why did Google Play services stop working?
The most likely reason Google Play services stopped working is because either the version of the app you have installed is out of date or you have an issue with your device's Google Play services. You may need to clear the app cache or data, or update the Google Play services app on your device. Additionally, there may be a conflict between different apps or services on your device that is causing the issue.
Will Intel's rocket Lake chips reestablish its leadership in gaming?
It's too early to tell. Intel's Rocket Lake chips are not yet available, so we won't know how they will perform until they are released. However, Intel has made some big promises about the Rocket Lake chips, including gains of up to 50 percent faster performance in gaming and creative applications. If these claims turn out to be true, then Intel could potentially reestablish its leadership in gaming.
What types of rotary encoders do you offer?
We offer optical, mechanical, and magnetic rotary encoders. Our optical encoders feature photointerrupter technology, while mechanical and magnetic models utilize either an incremental type A/B or Hall Effect technology.
What causes the destruction of habitats?
The destruction of habitats can be caused by a variety of factors, including deforestation, pollution, urbanization, overhunting and overfishing, agricultural practices, the introduction of invasive species, climate change, mining, and other forms of human activity.