How do I use a MultiValue report parameter?

MultiValue report parameters allow you to select multiple values from a predefined list when running a report. To use a MultiValue report parameter, open your report and navigate to the Report Parameters menu. Select your desired parameter and check the "Allow multiple values" option. After you have enabled the MultiValue parameter, you can select multiple values from the list that appears after running the report.
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How does Appium Inspector work for mobile testers?

Appium Inspector is a popular tool used by mobile testers to interactively debug and identify UI elements in native and hybrid apps. It helps testers locate elements, record actions and playback interactions to identify and fix bugs. It enables testers to take screenshots of their app and to generate logs to help diagnose an issue. It can also be used to inspect an app's UI elements and their associated properties in order to write better test scripts.

Is LightGBM faster than XGBoost?

Yes, LightGBM can be faster than XGBoost. LightGBM makes use of histogram-based algorithms which results in faster training times compared to XGBoost. LightGBM also uses lower memory usage, so it can take advantage of hardware optimization and run more efficiently.

How to create a PHP project in NetBeans?

1. Open NetBeans and go to File > New Project 2. In the New Project window, select PHP under the Categories section, and then select PHP Application with Existing Sources. Click Next. 3. Select the folder where your source code is stored, and then click Next. 4. Optionally, you can also include other relevant project information such as project name, project URL, and project location. Click Next. 5. Select the PHP version you want to use, and then click Finish. 6. When you are ready to run the project, select Run > Run Main Project.


What is the difference between manual and automated code review?
Manual code review is when a manual review is conducted on the code, usually by a human reviewer, to find potential issues that may need to be fixed or enhancements that can improve the code’s quality and performance. Automated code review is the process of using specialized tools to detect flaws in the code. This can include static analysis, dynamic analysis, and data flow analysis. Automated code reviews are generally quicker than manual ones, however they are also more prone to false positives as they lack the human element.
How to share network resources between multiple links?
1. Using Network Switches: Installing network switches and properly configuring them is the most effective way to share network resources between multiple links. Switches can be used to segment network traffic, prioritize certain types of traffic and spread the network load over multiple connections. 2. Redundancy: Configure multiple connections between different components. This creates redundancy in the system and allows for multiple paths that can be used to access resources. 3. Load Balancing: Configure load balancing algorithms that distribute the traffic loads over multiple connections. This ensures that resources are evenly shared between connections and reduces the load on any one link, preventing it from becoming overwhelmed. 4. Resiliency: Utilize technologies such as VRRP or HSRP to create seamless failover between different connections. This ensures that network resources are always accessible, even if one connection fails. 5. Quality of Service: Implement Quality of Service (QoS) measures, such as prioritizing certain types of traffic, to ensure that certain types of connections always have access to resources.
How do you change DNS settings in Windows 11?
Open the Start menu and type “Network Connections” and click on the Settings button at the top. Then click on the “Change Adapter Options” option. Right-click on the network connection you want to modify and select “Properties” from the menu. Then in the properties window, select “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and click on the “Properties” button. Then under the “General” tab, you can enter the new DNS server IP addresses in the “Preferred” and “Alternate” fields. Once you have the DNS settings entered, click “OK” to save the settings.
Can you use compost as mulch?
Yes, compost can be used as a mulch, as it can add extra nutrients to your soil while also increasing water retention and helping to prevent weeds.
Why is it important to choose the right pipe system?
Choosing the right pipe system is important because it will ensure that all pipes are properly connected and up to date with the current safety codes. The wrong pipes can result in leaks, blockages, corrosion, and other issues that can result in costly repairs or replacements. Choosing the correct pipe and the correct materials for the job can also help reduce maintenance and repair costs in the future.
How to add SP list items to collection in PowerApps?
You can add items to a collection in PowerApps either manually or from another data source. To add items from an SP list, you can use a Collect function inside the OnStart function of your app. This function creates the collection, and you can use an SP GetItems function to add items from the SP list. For example: Collect(MyCollection, 'SPGetItems("ListName")') The Collect function combines the SPGetItems function with the results of the SP list into a single collection. From there, you can use the collection in the app as needed.