What is the difference between HTTP POST and HTTP PUT?

HTTP POST is used to request that the server accept the data enclosed in the body of the request and store it. it is typically used when submitting a form or uploading a file. HTTP PUT is used to request the server to store the enclosed data at the supplied URI. It is typically used for updating or replacing existing resources or collections of resources.
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How to write latitude and longitude coordinates?

Latitude and longitude coordinates are written in the format of "lat, long" with the latitude coordinate coming first, followed by the longitude coordinate. For example, the latitude and longitude coordinates for the Washington Monument in Washington, DC are 38.889444, -77.035278 and they can be written as 38.889444,-77.035278.

How do I change the network system icon in Windows 10?

1. Right-click the network icon in the Taskbar and select "Open Network & Internet Settings". 2. Click "Change adapter options" in the left panel. 3. Right-click on the currently-active network adapter, then select "Properties". 4. In the Adapter’s Properties window, click on the "Configure" button. 5. Click on the "General" tab and select the "Change Icon" button. 6. Choose any of the available icons, or navigate to the directory in which you’ve stored your own icon. Click "OK" and close all windows. The new icon should now be visible in the system tray.

Why is agriculture important in Mississippi?

Agriculture is a vital part of the Mississippi economy and the state’s heritage. Nearly half of all employment in Mississippi is related to agriculture and it contributes over $8 billion to the state’s economy each year. Agriculture provides food to households and businesses, as well as plays an important role in the conservation of Mississippi’s natural resources and provides recreational opportunities. Agriculture also provides employment opportunities and a unique culture to many of Mississippi’s rural communities.


What is the Best Audio equalizer?
The most highly ranked Audio Equalizer by users is the FabFilter Pro-Q 3 Equalizer. It offers a high degree of control over frequency content in tracks and mixes, with an intuitive graphical interface, linear-phase or minimum/zero-latency options, and mid/side and surround support. It has advanced filtering capabilities, as well as EQ matching, spectrum grabs, and smart undo/redo.
What are Flexbox animations in CSS?
Flexbox animations are CSS-only animations that use flexbox properties, such as flex-direction, flex-wrap, justify-content, and align-items, to create various animation effects. They can be used to create fluid and responsive animations on websites, eliminating the need for complicated JavaScript animations. Flexbox animations are especially useful for creating complex responsive designs that work across different devices and browsers.
Why are data transformation tools and techniques important?
Data transformation tools and techniques are important because they help make data more accessible, secure, and useful. By transforming raw data into meaningful insights, organizations can better understand customer needs, improve operational efficiency, and accelerate decision making. Data transformation tools and techniques also enable better communication, collaboration, and analysis within an organization. By applying transformations, businesses can produce better, more accurate data models and gain useful insights that allow them to create more effective strategies and make sound decisions.
Does pineapple good or bad for diabetes?
It depends on how much pineapple is eaten. Pineapple is high in carbohydrates and can affect blood sugar levels, so it's important to monitor how much pineapple is consumed. Eating pineapple in moderation may be beneficial to some diabetics, while eating too much can be detrimental. It is recommended that those with diabetes consult with their doctor or a dietitian to determine an appropriate amount of pineapple to include in their diets.
What percentage of cyber attacks are done at the web application level?
According to recent statistics, approximately 64% of cyber attacks are done at the web application level.
How do I access the SharePoint Central Admin site?
1. Log into your Windows server or virtual machine where SharePoint Central Admin is installed. 2. Open the Server Manager and right-click on Computer and select Manage. 3. Navigate to the Services and Applications on the left-hand panel, then click application pools. 4. Select Central Administration. 5. Start the Central Administration Application Pool and make sure its status is Started. 6. Once the status changes to Started, open your browser and enter the URL http://servername:port number (e.g. http://mycomputer:19150). 7. You should now be presented with a login page. Log in with your administrator credentials. 8. You will now be in the SharePoint Central Administration site.