What driver versions does VMware tools support?

VMware Tools supports all major operating systems including Windows Server 2003 and higher, Linux, FreeBSD, OS X and Solaris. The most up-to-date Windows drivers available for VMware Tools are the Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 drivers. Additionally, VMware Tools are compatible with the latest versions of Microsoft Windows 10.
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Is updraftplus free or premium?

UpdraftPlus is available as both a free and premium version. The free version has limited features, but it still provides basic backup, restore and cloning functions. The premium version offers additional features such as automated backups, more storage options, more backup destinations and more.

What skills do you need to be a chemical engineer?

1. An understanding of chemical principles and reactions. 2. Knowledge of mathematics, physics and thermodynamics. 3. Knowledge of relevant software applications. 4. Computer-aided design (CAD) skills. 5. Problem-solving and analytical skills. 6. Ability to troubleshoot and debug production processes. 7. Knowledge of safety regulations and procedures. 8. Ability to keep detailed records of tests and data. 9. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. 10. Teamworking and strong organizational skills.

Can a private company disclose employee information to a prospective employer?

No, a private company cannot legally disclose employee information to a prospective employer without the employee's written consent. An employer may disclose information such as job title, job dates, and salary with the employee's permission.


Why would a hippo attack a person?
Hippos are unpredictable and can become aggressive when provoked, threatened, or disturbed. A person may unknowingly provoke a hippo by getting too close, making loud noises, or encroaching upon the animal's territory.
How does mobile technology help students succeed?
Mobile technology can help students succeed in a variety of ways. Access to an internet-connected device, such as a smartphone or tablet, can give students access to online learning materials and classes. Students can stay informed and get help, tips, and advice quickly and easily with applications such as Khan Academy, DuoLingo, and Quizlet. Students can also keep up with their workload on-the-go with mobile apps such as Microsoft Office, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Mobile technology can also be used to keep in touch with teachers and classmates, helping to build and maintain relationships. Mobile technology can help students to stay organized and focused, with apps such as Forest, Taskful, and Momentum. Finally, students can manage their time more effectively with calendar apps like Google Calendar and Sunrise and apps focusing on self-care and wellbeing, such as Calm and Headspace.
Can a pitcher separate his hands?
Yes, a pitcher can separate his hands while pitching to create more deception in their delivery.
What is the pit size for planting bananas?
The pit size for planting bananas will vary depending on the type of banana tree. Dwarf varieties can be planted in 5-gallon pots, while large varieties should be planted in containers that are at least 3 feet deep and 18 inches wide.
How to wipe a hard drive on Mac?
1. Back up Your Files: Before you wipe the hard drive, it’s important to back up any files and data you want to keep. 2. Turn off File Vault: File Vault is a encryption program used to encrypt the data on your hard drive. It is important to turn off File Vault before wiping the drive. You can turn off File Vault by going to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > File Vault. 3. Erase the Disk: Now that File Vault is turned off, you can begin erasing the disk. To do so, go to Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility. Select the disk you want to wipe and then click on the Erase tab. Select the Format of Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and click Erase. 4. Reinstall Your Operating System: Once the disk is wiped, you will need to reinstall a new operating system. The process varies depending on the version of OS X you have installed, but you will likely need to use a disk installer.
What is Browser Object Model (Bom)?
The Browser Object Model (BOM) is a collection of objects in a web browser that provide the interface between the web browser and the operating system or the web page. These objects give the browser access to the user environment, such as the screen resolution and the current network state. It also provides access to the list of all open browser windows, dialog boxes, and other user interface elements. BOM objects are mostly browser-specific and are not part of any standards.