How to see the htaccess files in cPanel file manager?
1. Log into your cPanel account. 2. Click on the File Manager button located in the Files section of your cPanel interface. 3. On the left pane of the File Manager page, click on Web Root (public_html/www). 4. Uncheck the box which reads “Show Hidden Files”, since the .htaccess file is a hidden file. 5. Scroll down through the right pane and you’ll find a file named “.htaccess”. Click on it to open, edit or delete it as per your needs.
Why can I only see 12 months of emails in outlook?
The default setting in Outlook is usually to show the last 12 months of emails. It's possible to customize Outlook to display emails older than 12 months, but you can only view 12 emails at a time. If you want to view emails older than 12 months, you'll need to search for specific dates or look for emails in specific folders.
How do I Control Data Access?
There are several steps you can take to control data access. 1. Establish security policies and procedures to protect sensitive data. Ensure that your team follows these policies and procedures to keep data safe. 2. Implement authentication and authorization protocols which require multiple layers of authentication for sensitive data to be accessed. This could include two-factor authentication, biometric authentication, etc. 3. Use encryption technology to protect data when it is transferred or stored. 4. Clearly define user roles and access levels based on the availability of data. 5. Monitor user action and data access to detect any suspicious activity or unauthorized access. 6. Regularly update software and operating systems to patch any security vulnerabilities. 7. Use firewalls to limit access to servers and networks.
What controls are used in office UI fabric?
1. Accordions 2. Command Bars 3. DetailsLists 4. Dialog Components 5. Dropdowns 6. Flux Implentation 7. List components 8. Modal Dialogs 9. Navigations menus 10. TextFields 11. Toggle components 12. Tooltips
How do I limit SharePoint storage in Office 365?
1. Purchase additional storage: You can buy additional storage for sites and OneDrive for Business storage for individual users. 2. Set storage limits: You can set limits for how much storage content in your environment can occupy. 3. Activate auto-deletion policies: You can set up an auto-deletion policy that automatically deletes content that has been inactive for a certain period of time. 4. Use external storage: You can offload data to external storage solutions that offer less expensive storage solutions. 5. Limit the size of files that can be uploaded: You can limit the size of files that can be uploaded to SharePoint and OneDrive for Business. 6. Retention policies: You can enforce document retention policies that help maintain control over the amount of content stored in your environment.
How do I set up OneDrive personal vault on Windows 10?
1. Open the Microsoft Store on your Windows 10 device and search for ‘OneDrive’. 2. Select the OneDrive app and install it. 3. Launch the app and log in to your Microsoft account. 4. Select the ‘Vault’ tab at the bottom of the app window. 5. Select ‘Create a vault’ and follow the setup prompts. 6. To save content to your Vault, choose ‘Add files’ or ‘Add photos’. 7. Once you’ve saved content to your Vault, you can access it from the OneDrive app or through the OneDrive website.
How does a direct memory access controller work?
Direct Memory Access (DMA) is a process for transferring data between memory and peripheral devices without the processor having to intervene and use up its cycles to do so. DMA controllers are hardware components that facilitate the process by acting as a bridge between the source (peripheral device) and the destination (memory). During a DMA transfer, the controller will first confirm that the source device is ready to transmit data. It then issues a request to memory to make space using an address. Once memory has allocated space, the controller initiates a transfer by sending the data directly between the source device and memory, without requesting the processor’s involvement. Once the transfer is complete, the controller then sends an interrupt to the microprocessor, indicating that the transfer has been completed. The microprocessor will then continue executing instructions as normal, aware that the peripheral device has now been serviced.
How do I access datasets from Kaggle In Google Colab?
1. Go to the main page of Colab and click on the “Upload” button. 2. Click on the “Files” tab and find the Kaggle tab. 3. Login to your Kaggle account with the same account you use on Kaggle. 4. When you are logged in, scroll down and you should see a list of all of your Kaggle datasets. 5. Select the dataset you want to load and then click the “Upload” button. 6. You can now use the dataset in Colab. Enjoy!
How do I access open tabs on other devices?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to access open tabs on other devices or browsers. Each device, browser, or app will keep its own tabs open and track them independently.
How do I Access Control Panel applets?
The Control Panel applets can be accessed in a variety of different ways depending on the version of Windows you are running. For Windows 8 and 10: • Press the Windows Key + X, or right-click in the bottom-left corner of the screen and select Control Panel from the list of options. • Select the Settings charm and type “Control Panel” in the search box. • Click the Start button and then click Control Panel. For Windows 7: • Click the Start button and then click Control Panel. • Type “Control Panel” in the Search field of the Start menu. • If using the Classic view of the Control Panel, double-click the Control Panel icon.


How much does a Microsoft Office certification cost?
The cost of a Microsoft Office certification varies based on the particular certification you are looking to pursue and the type of training you choose. Generally, the cost of a Microsoft Office certification ranges from $99 to $559.
When does office home and business 2016 support end?
Microsoft has not officially announced an end date for Office Home and Business 2016 support. Generally, Microsoft supports its Office products for the version of the current operating system released two years prior. This means support for Office Home and Business 2016 is expected to end when Windows 10 version 20H2 is released, but no official end date has been announced yet.
How to keep mail unread in outlook?
1. From your Inbox, select the email message you want to keep unread. 2. Right-click the message and select Mark as Unread. 3. The message will stay highlighted until you select it again. 4. To keep the message unread, move it to another folder. Right-click the message again, then select Move and select the folder where you want to save the message. If you want to mark a message as unread when you read it, you can set up a Rule in Outlook that marks any message you open as unread. 1. Go to the Tools menu > Rules and Alerts. 2. Click the New Rule button and select Apply rule on messages I read. 3. Select the option to have Outlook mark the message as unread. 4. Select any other conditions or exceptions you want for the Rule. 5. Name the Rule and click Finish.
How to reset Windows 10 password without internet access?
1. Boot your computer from the Windows 10 installation media. 2. On the “Select your keyboard layout” screen, choose the appropriate keyboard layout. 3. On the “Repair your computer” screen, click Troubleshoot. 4. On the “Advanced options” screen, click Command Prompt. 5. At the command prompt, type “net user username newpassword” and press Enter, where “username” is your username and “newpassword” is the new password you want to use. 6. Type “exit” and press Enter to close the command prompt. 7. Restart your computer and log in with your new password.
Is Microsoft Office 365 secure?
Yes, Microsoft Office 365 offers a variety of security measures to keep your files and data safe. Office 365 provides automatic software and security updates, advanced security technology, 24/7 monitoring and threat protection, data encryption, and more.
What is the difference between managed and serviced offices?
Managed offices are offices that are managed by the building owner or a property management company. They handle all of the services associated with the office, such as maintenance, cleaning, furnishing, and upkeep. The tenant typically pays a flat rate for the office and any extra services they may require. Serviced offices are fully furnished and ready for use on day one. They provide all the necessary services, such as telecommunications, reception, secretarial, and administrative services. They charge a fee for their services, which can vary depending on the level of service provided. Additionally, the tenant pays for the office lease and any other services they require.