How many police officers died in the Capitol riots?
No police officers died in the Capitol riots on January 6, 2021. However, one police officer and four protesters died in the aftermath of the riots.
How do I access PlayStation Plus online storage save data?
You can access your PlayStation Plus online storage save data by logging into your PlayStation Network account via a web browser. Once logged in, head to Settings > PlayStation Network/Account Management > Account Information. Then find the section labeled ‘Saved Data in Online Storage,’ and click ‘Download’ to access your save data.
How to sort group data in access report?
1. Open the report in Design view. 2. Select the "Group & Sort..." option from the Report Design Tools ribbon. 3. Select the group or sort level you wish to define. 4. From the dropdown, choose the field for which you wish to group or sort. 5. Specify any grouping intervals as desired. 6. Choose the sort order for that field. 7. Repeat steps 3-6 for any other groups or sorts desired. 8. Click "Ok" when done.
How do I access Azure Databricks workspaces?
In order to access an Azure Databricks workspace, you must first have an Azure subscription. Once you have an Azure subscription, you can use the Azure portal to create an Azure Databricks workspace. You can then access that workspace either through the Azure portal or with the Databricks Command Line Interface (CLI). You can also access the workspace through the Databricks Unified Analytics Platform, which provides a UI for managing clusters, notebooks, and jobs.
What is the difference between office hoteling and desk hoteling?
Desk hoteling refers to a process for providing desks and workspaces for employees in an office, each day or week on a "first come, first serve" basis. It is designed to optimize space utilization and to limit in-person interactions, allowing different usage models depending on the type of work an employee does. Office hoteling is an extension of desk hoteling where designated areas or floors of the office are rented out for a period of time or for a specific project. It is different from desk hoteling in that it is typically more long-term, and companies are better able to control their whole team's access to the space and their environs.
How many people are without internet access in the world?
According to a 2018 report from the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), approximately 3.9 billion people – roughly half of the world's population – are still without internet access.
How to set up a group calendar in outlook?
1. Create a new Calendar folder in Outlook: a. Open Outlook. b. In the bottom left corner, right-click the Calendar heading, and then click New Calendar. c. From the Folder type menu, select Create a new team calendar. 2. Decide how to share the Calendar: a. In the New Team Calendar window, choose an Account type. b. In the Sharing field, enter the appropriate email addresses for the people you want to share the Calendar with. 3. Choose a sharing protection option: Choose one of the protection options to control who can make changes to the calendar. 4. Invite people to access the Calendar: a. If you selected Confirmed Invite in the Sharing Protection options, select Everyone in the list. b. Click Invite. 5. Set user permissions: a. In the Permissions tab, select the the user or group you want to give permission to. b. Select the permission level they should have. 6. Save the Calendar: a. Click OK to save the Calendar. b. You will be taken back to your primary Outlook Calendar, where you will see the group Calendar listed.
What is Office 365 retention time duration?
The retention time duration for Office 365 varies depending on the Office 365 plan you have. Generally, the retention time duration is 30 days for desktops and 30-60 days for mobile devices. For more details, please refer to the Microsoft support site.
What is the role of the Chief Public Health Officer?
The Chief Public Health Officer is responsible for providing the nation with expert advice on public health and preventive health services. The Chief Public Health Officer leads and coordinates the public health efforts of government departments and works with the provinces and territories to ensure that Canada maintains its high public health standards. The Chief Public Health Officer also provides data and analysis to support public health policy decisions and analysis.
Why do people choose to run for political office?
People choose to run for political office for a variety of reasons. For some, it is a way to effect change or promote particular ideologies or causes. Others may see it as a way to ascend in the political world or advance their careers. For some, it is a way to serve the community or make a difference in their local area. Still others view it as a form of personal expression or a platform to express their views and opinions on important issues.


Does Office 365 include OneDrive?
Yes, Office 365 does include OneDrive, a storage and collaboration platform for documents, photos, and other media.
How to combine outlook and Google Calendar?
1. Sign in to both your Outlook and Google Calendar accounts. 2. Click the ‘Settings’ tab in your Google Calendar, then select the “Calendars” option from the menu. 3. Locate the ‘Add to my Calendars’ section and click the ‘Add’ button beside the Outlook calendar option. 4. Enter your Outlook account file name in the dialog box, then click the ‘Next’ button. 5. Confirm the details of your Outlook account, then click the “Add Calendar” button. 6. Return to the ‘Settings’ tab in your Google Calendar and select the ‘Connected Calendars’ option from the menu. 7. Check the box beside your Outlook calendar and select the “Sync” option to start combining your Outlook and Google Calendars.
How do I access Oracle Cloud Infrastructure classic services?
The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic platform is accessed through the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic Console. It is a web-based graphical user interface (GUI). You will need an Oracle Cloud account with permissions to access the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic platform.
How many loans does a mortgage officer originate in a year?
The number of loans a mortgage officer originates in a year can vary greatly depending on their expertise, experience and the size of their territory. Some loan officers may originate over 100 loans in a year, while others may originate only a few dozen.
How can I make my website accessible to people with disabilities?
1. Provide alternative text (alt text) for all images. 2. Make sure your colors and contrast meet the WCAG 2.0 AA standards. 3. Make sure your website is keyboard navigable. 4. Use descriptive text and headings to explain information. 5. Provide closed captioning for videos. 6. Provide transcripts for audio recordings. 7. Use descriptive hyperlinks. 8. Add skip navigation links. 9. Limit the use of JavaScript and avoid sluggish page loading. 10. Test your website with users with disabilities before launching.
How to integrate Azure Logic with OneDrive to automatically upload files?
1.Create an Azure Logic App. 2.Select "OneDrive for Business" as the trigger for your Logic App. 3.Configure the required parameters in the OneDrive trigger (e.g. which folder do you want to monitor for changes). 4.Select the “Create file” action as the action. 5.Configure the required parameters in that action (e.g. specify the destination folder on OneDrive). 6.Save your Logic App. 7.Test it out - if a file is added to the monitored folder, the Logic App will automatically upload it to the specified location on OneDrive.